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Welcome to Seniors Mantra

Seniors Mantra is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), non-profit charity created by like-minded people who are up to making a difference in the society by taking care of the holistic development of elderly and aims to facilitate self-sufficiency. This website is dedicated exclusively to our golden citizens and their unique needs. It is a gathering place and a resource centre for seniors. It’s our way of paying respect to them for all they have done for their families, society and country at large. We, at Seniors Mantra, are committed to extending a hand of support, words of solace and a healing touch to the senior citizens as to make their life more positive and comfortable. We wish to help them and their family members in overcoming the challenges of ageing and show them the way to live with dignity as the golden flowers of society. Our vision is to mitigate the sufferings, turmoil, trails & tribulations of elderly to ensure equity, empowerment and justice.

"…I dreamt of my childhood, my dreams came true;
I treasured my adolescence, my fortunes were new;
I valued my maturity, My happiness always grew..."

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