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Inter-College Declamation Contest

SeniorsMantra recently ‪‎conducted‬ an ‪‎InterCollege‬ ‪‎Declamation‬ Contest GNIMT College, 15 enthusiasts from 7 colleges spoke on ” THE ROLE OF ‪‎YOUTH‬ IN ‪‎CREATING‬ A ‪‎SOCIETY‬ ‪‎CONDUCTIVE‬ TO THE ‪‎ELDERLY‬ ” ..
There were innumerable moments of surging emotions,both happy & sad such that a ‪‎majority‬ of d ‪‎audience‬ including @Deputy director of host college couldn’t resist their tears.
It was ‪‎brought‬ to ‪‎fore‬ that the youth ‪‎today‬ hve d time to pay for ‪‎chatting‬, ‪‎movies‬, ‪‎malls‬ & ‪‎friends‬ bt none to ‪‎spend‬ wid their ‪‎grandparents‬. The ‪‎sad‬ realities of d ‪‎modern‬ ‪‎world‬ wid ‪‎nuclear‬ ‪‎families‬ & ‪‎busy‬ ‪‎schedules‬ leave no ‪‎energy‬ or ‪‎interest‬ wid d ‪‎children‬ to lukafter d elderly at home, grandparents who r makers & pillars of our country.
Although it needs a sea change in d mentality as well as d livingstyles of d today’s bread earners & it can’t happen overnight bt this interaction of youngsters & seniors has surely touched a cord. Thoughts convert to words & eventually to actions we hope.. Lets just do more n more efforts to bring d change in emoticon like emoticon

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