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About Us

Seniors Mantra  is a newly established registered NGO for the wellness of elderly people of Ludhiana. There are other associations in the city of Ludhiana that are working as per their own visions and missions. However, we feel the demographic needs of the city require more and more such NGOs in Ludhiana.

Seniors Mantra began as an idea based on empathy and community. Seniors Mantra seeks to reach out to larger audience of older persons and act as a catalyst of change in bridging the gap between generations and ensuring respectful and comfortable life for old people. Seniors Mantra interacts with older persons and their caregivers at all levels such as  Family, Community and State. It is a new path, the journey of successful ageing.

  • We propose to provide an opportunity for the older people to interact with like-minded people in old age. The Seniors Mantra centre will also address the issue of ageing from the perspective of creating an atmosphere of sustainable and tenable process of inclusion involving society at large to provide care and active ageing beyond an institutional framework.
  • The proposed centre would be a platform that will initiate a better understanding of the problems of ageing from a social perspective and provide a platform for the aged as well as those concerned to come together to share and care.
  • Helpline for older persons, Day care- centre, library, entertainment and cultural activities will be part of Seniors Mantra Interaction Centre.

A Team of individuals, who have passion in social service and compassion towards the needs of the elderly, has come together and formed Seniors Mantra. They have clear insight in to the socio-economic and health issues faced by the elderly. The team also wanted to disseminate through this website the concept of productive ageing, the new mantra for ageing gracefully.

Seniors Mantra is a close-knit team of concerned individuals from varied fields, each with a track record of success, sharing regard and concern for the old – People, who have come together to find a way out of the loneliness that most old people have to face. There are professionals, senior bankers, retired personnel – all who sincerely feel for the cause and have united for the same, all bound by a pledge of integrity, commitment to safety and ethics, and dedicated to continuing professional development. To support their efforts is a dedicated management, a team of professionals charged with zeal to work for the society. It’s a team effort under the leadership of Founder & President Mr. Satinder Mahajan.

Mr. Mahajan after retirement from a bank,  resolved to do some social work. Being a Member of Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) , he had the privilege to come in contact with Dr. Sheilu Srivivasan,  Founder and President of DIGNITY FOUNDATION – a Mumbai based NGO working for the welfare of senior citizens, LMA invited Dr. Sheilu Srinivasan to address LMA members on 22/08/2010. She has become a role model for Mr. Mahajan.

Mr. Mahajan came in contact with some like-minded friends and got Senior Citizens Council of Ludhiana registered on 26/7/2011. A team of founder members (consisting of some retired and business persons) was constituted and a complete picture was given as far as the paper work of the NGO was concerned.

One thing unique in the team is that even though the profiles of the founder members are very different, everyone is considered at par with one another.  All work as volunteers and all volunteers repose their faith and confidence in the leadership of Mr.Mahajan. Mr. Mahajan takes pride in the team and derives strength from the team members.


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