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Some citizens feel stressed as they approach the retirement age. They feel that they will b free and will not have anything to do, but it is not true. In our whole life, we ignore and sacrifice our needs and wishes to fulfill the desires of our family. So, post retirement age or golden age can be seen as an opportunity to fulfill all the unfulfilled desires. Elders should adopt or continue any of the activity of their interest or hobby to utilize their time and polish their skills. Such activities will not only help them to pass time but will give them a sense of satisfaction.

It is rightly said by Marcus Aurelius – “ Very little is needed to make a happy life ; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

To make the most of your life, limit your stress. Take a walk, go dancing, stretch,  take deep breaths, laugh, play a game, see a movie, express affection, share feelings, sing, paint, write, make new friends, tackle problems head on, give thanks, let go, and laugh some more………

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