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Why become a member of Seniors Mantra

The first and foremost mission of our NGO is to provide a platform where members can come and contribute something positive for the betterment of the society. Each one of us will find an opportunity to reinvent, to explore our unexplored hobbies and creativities so that we can age purposefully and gracefully.

Secondly,  collectively , we can forge a strong organisation for taking care of the underprivileged senior citizens feeling abused, neglected and isolated and yet finding no support system in the society. The rising population of elderly people in the country  and erosion of socio economic and value system are constantly ushering in an era where many elderly suffer from poverty, loneliness, abuse and abandonment and find it difficult to mobilize resources for their most basic needs as their children are either unable or unwilling to maintain them.

As such, joining this noble cause of humanity working for that section of the society who have made us who we are  and now it is our responsibility to help them live with dignity and comfort, would be a wonderful experience for you and your entire family. Besides, your membership with our NGO will translate a unique bonding and relationship in your family with the blessings of your forefathers watching your pious feelings and helping hands for this great noble cause.

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