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Baisakhi Celebrations- April 14, 2019

If Baisakhi is considered to be one of the most scintillating festivals of Punjabis, the senior community of our NGO could not resist celebrating the day with great zeal and fervor on the evening of 14th April at our DAYCARE CENTRE. There could be several reasons to celebrate Baisakhi, but the sole purpose of the senior citizens is to celebrate for engaging ourselves and for fun and masti.

Lady members had come dressed up in their folk attires to rejoice, singing folk songs and dancing GIDDA AND BHANGRA to the fast-paced beat of DHOL. Mrs. Jolly ( JOLLY DEPARTMENTAL STORE ) was the star GIDDA performer. She led the dance party and the flow of rhythms was interspersed with the chant of “HOY, HOY “, “BALLE, BALLE “, ” SHAWA, SHAWA ” by all the dancing members. The festivity fever was beyond everyone’s imagination and the festival ended with the positive note of making still more preparations next time.

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