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Seminar On Women Empowerment Day- March 8, 2019

On this day of International Women Day, I am reminded of our NGO holding a seminar on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT DAY last year on 25th of March, 2018 where there were two sets of women participants. One was a group of ladies who can be described as independent and developed. The other set is leading a dependent and protected life.

This year, too, our NGO is planning to hold a similar type of seminar and we are in touch with ASSOCHAM, NEW DELHI, who are viewing to hold the seminar in NCR. But, me being President of the NGO, I have been arguing to hold it in Ludhiana. The reason being, we hold such seminars where only developed and independent categories of women come forward and the average women take a back seat. In our own NGO, whenever we hold some activities, the majority of the male members don’t bring along their counterparts.

I have experience with many families in my NGO where ladies have shared that they are not aware of NGO activities. In certain cases, members don’t fix up the photo of the spouse on our membership form. What I want to emphasize is, we need to raise the mental level of the males in case real WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IS TO TAKE PLACE BECAUSE ULTIMATELY IT IS MEN’S WORLD WHICH LEADS TO THE GATE OF WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. However, the earlier one understands, the earlier the better mental and physical improvement of ladies leading to healthy families, a healthy society and a healthy nation ultimately.


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