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Weekend Masti With Dainik Savera Team Also A Workshop With Dr. Venu Kumar- March 31, 2019

The last Sunday of every month is celebration time for our NGO members. We together celebrate all birthdays and wedding anniversaries of the members falling due in a particular month on the last Sunday of that month. This time, the Dainik Savera team added colors of fun to the event with TAMBOLA AND MUSICAL CHAIR RACE for the elderly males and females separately.

For a few hours, we all forgot our ages and played like children trying to get a chair while running with music and pushing friends around. In the melee, two of our plastic chairs got broken. Prizes were distributed by the DAINIK SAVERA TEAM and the zeal with which members rejoiced their victory celebrating with selfies and pictures made the evening unforgettable. Also, on this day, our NGO had arranged a talk with DR. Venu Kumar, a renowned nutritionist of Ludhiana running her clinic HOLY TREE, to deliver her presentation on healthy recipes of salads, shakes and the importance of healthy herbs in our day to day diet. Dr. Venu Kumar is the recipient of several national awards and her concept of healthy food habits is so strong that members were all interested to have one exclusive workshop with Dr. Venu to which she consented to do sometime in the future.

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