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World Elders Day And Birthdays And Wedding Days Celebrations- September 29, 2019

It has become a tradition with our NGO to celebrate birthdays and wedding days on the last Sunday of every month and accordingly 29th September 2019 was to be a DAY OF CELEBRATIONS. Though WORLD ELDERS DAY falls due on the 1st of October, the day being so close to 29th September and 29th to be Sunday also, our NGO combined together the celebrations of both the subjects under reference with a well-attended gathering of members. The distinguished guests Sh. S. P. Karkara, Chairman, FEDSEN PUNJAB, and his team members Mrs. Neelam Khosla, Sh. S. K. Seth and Sh. Behal graced the occasion. Sh. Karkara, in his address to the gathering, made elaborate deliberations on the scope and amendments to the MAINTENANCE AND WELFARE OF PARENTS AND SENIOR CITIZENS ACT, 2007 enacted by the GOVT. OF INDIA FOR THE PROTECTION AND WELFARE OF ELDERLY COMMUNITY. The DAY was dedicated to the elderly community and those who were 80 years and above were honored.

To entertain the members, TAMBOLA started with a grand fan following and awards were given to the winners. Songs and ghazals were sung by Sh. S. K. Arora Ji, Mrs. Neelam Khosla, and a little girl LIZA. BHANGRA and GIDDA dances were performed by the lady members to the fast-paced tunes of the folk songs. BOLENS were also added to make the BHANGRA more colorful and participative. Lucky draws and punctuality draws were a big attraction to the members. Cake cutting ceremony was performed by the entitled members along with their family members. The members were served with a sumptuous dinner. I QUOTE UNQUOTE THE MESSAGE OF TINA AMBANI TO THE ELDERLY COMMUNITY ON THE EVE OF WORLD ELDERS DAY

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